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April 8, 2018

Good Grief. Winter just will not go away. I want to shoot my new bow outside already! My camera checks were limited in March. Frustrating weather! Had a couple of bucks carry antlers well into March. Good health I am guessing.

Have a couple of new Browning cameras to deploy, just waiting on some maintenance burning by the land owner to occur. Captured a bunch of video last month. The new Moultrie M50 did a good job. Nice camera. Camera manufacturers continue to make improvements with their cameras. That's good for you and me. Case designs seem to be rock solid but they are plastic. Fire is not good for plastic. Need to wait on my deployment.

Still getting used to my RX-1 Ultra. Draw cycle is probably the main thing to get used to. Different than my DFX cams on the last bow. I like smooth draw cycles. The new bow points well and the grip is outstanding. Have shot a lot of arrows at 10 yards in my basement. Focusing on my grip, sight level and back tension on the release. Have shot some arrows through my new Saunders Archery paper tuner. It seems to work well. 

Almost time to start mowing the lawn! That's another reason we love November so much...lawn mowing is over by then.


March 4, 2018

Sorry. Been away from the site for a few weeks. Still been checking cameras. Bucks carried their horns a little longer than past years. Some still holding. Have been looking for antlers some but little to no feed on my properties. Most deer on neighboring properties.

My Redwrx RX-1 Ultra has been ordered. Damn expensive anymore. Have been spending a lot of time tuning on the old bows too. Was very frustrated a week or so ago then realized my draw length adjustment mod was loose. I had adjusted from 30 inches down to 29.5 inches. I think that is a better draw length for me especially as I get older and especially when wearing a bunch of hunting clothes.

Also cut half-an-inch of length off my arrows and been spending some time with different fletching combinations in my tuning pit in the basement. Still going to be hard to beat the AAE Max Stealth vanes. For some reason they work very well for my shooting style and setup.

Installed a firmware update on the Stealth DS4K. Major improvement. The native resolution of this camera makes it a keeper. High quality daytime photos. The pictures hold their resolution when you zoom in on the computer. Very nice!. Thanks to Nick at TCP.


January 21, 2018

Pulled some camera cards yesterday. Bucks still carrying antlers for the most part. My cameras even captured a couple of sparring matches with real pushing and twisting and the antlers stayed connected. Spent quite a few evenings last week cleaning up archery equipment. I clean my bows and arrows like you gun hunters clean your guns. No different. There was dust, dirt, mud and weeds in places on my bow that required removal. Already replaced the nock points, D-loop, QAD felt pads, and other items to get ready for 2018. Pulled a safety line, bow rope and hooks from one stand yesterday. Going to move the ladder. Bad setup.

What did I learn in 2017? The main lesson was that deer can be on your property all summer, vanish in October and return in January. Crazy. Wish I understood that better. It plays havoc with a hit-list. I can also have a big, big bonus buck show up one day in November and then never reappear...ever. Damn. That can really affect the decision matrix. You can't shoot a buck if he doesn't spend any time on your property. Lastly, to have good, late season hunting, I need a high quality late season food source...which I have always known but turkeys can really impact the quality of a late season food source (corn or bean stubble) with their daily visits to the field stubble. 

I hunted much less this year than in years past. Just not enough time. None of my stands except one hosted a lot of hunts. It was a northeast wind ground blind with super easy access. I don't remember having as many northeast winds as we did this year. I left large chunks of my properties as sanctuaries. But. My personal opinion is that sanctuaries are overrated. Deer will go there no matter what if it provides good security and relief from the wind. If not? It really can't be qualified as a sanctuary. Timing is everything any more. Moon phases, weather, farming activity, it all has an impact. I was a little late this year. Missed the peak of the run-up when the big bucks were roaming early and free and not busted all to heck. Par for the course. Asked a very trusted friend the other day why he thinks we see busted up racks in any given year. He believes it is more a function of quality of food. Low nutrients result in low quality bone on the buck's head. I had never thought of that. We had limited rain this year. Could be!

My archery setup executed just like I hoped. The bow was smooth and quiet, the arrows flew as desired, the broadhead executed as advertised and my new release worked as it should have. I have been shooting the new Hoyt Redwrx series the last couple of months at a dealer that has them in stock. Man do I like that bow. It points way better than my other Hoyt bows due to the lower grip position.  The 32-inch RX-1 does not pull as smooth as the Ultra. Did not like the feel at all. The Hyperforce felt the same to me. Too aggressive in the beginning of the draw cycle. The draw cycle of the Redwrx Ultra I shot did not feel that way to me. Pointing of that bow is the one thing that stands out. I can only imagine how well it will shoot with a sight and with my preferred release. Yes, I have started saving my pennies for a new Redwrx Series RX-1 Ultra. I am addicted to archery. If you knew how many ATA show videos I have watched the last week or so you would think I am nuts. The guys at (Bowhunt or Die) did a great job getting videos posted for all of us that like to see the latest and greatest archery gizmos and gadgets.

Have fun. Be safe. GP out.



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